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Bars, Clubs, Foods, the Nightlife in Ningbo
Nightlife in Ningbo has become more attractively recently. Bars, pubs, and cinemas and local food provide perfect places for people to pass the evening.   The night views of Lao Waitan in the Sanjiangkou area endow Ningbo with charms of a modern city but ...
The Places Foreigners Like Most in Ningbo
As Ningbo is going deeper development, the number of foreigners coming here has increased. Nowadays, an foreigner on the street won't amuse local people. What the foreigners think about the scenic spots in Ningbo? Which place they like most? A survey target...
About the City
Ningbo is a city integrating the classic breath with modern and fashion,is a beautiful homestead where people live and work in peace and contentment,Feel happiness,is a city that is open, prosperous, safe and harmonious ,is a modern commercial city ful...
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