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Bars, Clubs, Foods, the Nightlife in Ningbo
Updated:2012-05-25 17:16:01

Nightlife in Ningbo has become more attractively recently. Bars, pubs, and cinemas and local food provide perfect places for people to pass the evening.
The night views of Lao Waitan in the Sanjiangkou area endow Ningbo with charms of a modern city but unlike the bustling big cities, the night scenery reveals a sense of peace and leisure. Now let us introduce a few fine places for night out in Ningbo.


Baisha Dock Seafood Markets
Venue: No.11, East Caoma Rd, Jiangbei District
Hidden in the crowded city, Baisha Dock Seafood Market is a great outdoor place to go during the hot summer in Ningbo. Fresh seafood from nearby fishing ground and beers are served at any time during the open time of market.

Wangga BBQ Street
Venue: Wangga Rd, Jiangdong District
The short street boasts lots BBQ spot, after 12pm, the quiet street are crowded into bunched of people who just off KTV or cinemas.

Moon Lake Pavilion
Venue: Cangqiao Street, Zhengming Rd
The Chinese ancient style mansion is one spot of the Moon Lake Site. Ningbo cuisine, Taiwan restaurant and even western food are available at the corner of Moon Lake Site.


The photo shows the Baisha Dock Seafood Market


The pubs and clubs may not as much as big cities in Ningbo. But still, happy atmosphere is easy to feel on weekends.
Venue: No.97, South Jiefang Rd, Moon Lake Pavilion,Haishu District
A8: located at Zhou Su Ye Jiang Bar Street, very new club.

TNT: located at Moon Lake Pavilion, it’s the most popular club in Ningbo for a very long time.

Venue: Zhong Ma Rd, Jiangbei District
No doubt, one of the best place for nightlife in Ningbo. Various bars with different styles are suits for everybody’s taste. And also, please enjoy the foods there. Foreign flavors which including Thai, Mexican, Italian, Indian, Turkish, etc.




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