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Mackerel Culture Festival held in Xiangshan Port of Ningbo
Updated:2017-04-12 17:10:01

The Mackerel Culture Festival of Xiangshan Port was held in Xianxiang Town on April 9, attracting a lot of tourists for the seafood feasts and offshore fishing.
Xiangshan has abundant marine resources. Xiangshan is a peninsula county with a sea area of 6,618 sq km and a coastline of 925 km, respectively accounting for 67.8% and 59.2% of Ningbo. There are also 656 islands in Xiangshan, which takes up 80% of Ningbo and 21.4% in Zhejiang Province. Xiangshan Harbor in the north is a famous deepwater harbor while Shipu Port in the south is also playing an important role in the national central fishing trade with Taiwan. Xiangshan is famous in Ynagtze River Delta for its rich marine resources in possession of 36 golden beaches with a total length of 13.2 km.
Source from Ningbo Gov. Webiste






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