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Xikou Scenic Area listed among top 10 ecological scenic areas
Updated:2016-11-24 18:02:07

Recently, at the 2nd Ecological Civilization Summit Forum as well as the achievement issuing meeting for cities, scenic areas and beautiful countryside ecology, the Xuedou Mountain of Xikou Scenic Area of Fenghua District was included in the "top ten ecological scenic areas in China".

Xikou Town is situated northwest to Fenghua City and 35 km away in the southwest to Ningbo City. Xikou, or literally the Mouth of the River, derives its name from the Shanxi River, a river that originates in the Dahu Mountain of Shanjieling Range, from which it winds its way through Xinchang County to Fenghua, wherein it runs across Fenghua Town from west to east, flowng out of the mouth between Wuling Mountain and Xinan Mountain, hence the town got its name: a town at the mouth of the river. Xikou the town is also called Wuling, a name after the Wuling Mountain that stands south of the town. Xikou is proud of its picturesque scenery and landscape. Far back in ancient times, it was noted for its "Ten Scenic Sights." Of the ten sights, the one of particular interest in Xikou is Xuedou Hill northwest of Xikou Town. With abundant scenic spots and historical sites, Xuedou Hill is a well-known tourist resort in East Zhejiang. Far back in the Han Dynasty (206 B.C-A.D. 220), the Hill was extolled as "Beautiful as the Penglai Fairy Island in the Sea and Magnificent as the Tiangtai Mountain on Land."

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