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College Graduate Employment Held
Updated:2017-05-12 16:08:00

The National Employment and Entrepreneurship Tele-conference for College and University Graduates was held on May 10, and the head of departments concerned in Ningbo attended the conference at the sub-venue of Ningbo. As is reported, the college graduates employment job in Ningbo is going smoothly. By the end of April, Ningbo had received 12,561 college or university graduates, and 12,327 of them had been employed, with the employment rate of 98%.
This year, the college graduates employment has made great progress in three aspects, according to a person in charge from Ningbo Employment Administration and Service Bureau. Firstly, the education level of the graduates has improved. Among all the graduates received by the city, there are 1050 with a master's degree, accounting for 8.36% of the total, and an increase of 297 people over that of the last year, up by 37%. There are 6000 with a bachelor's degree, accounting for 47.77% of the total, an increase of 919 people over that of the last year, up by 18%. It is also worth noticing that the proportion of the graduates from outside the city has witnessed an obvious increase, with 8447 being graduates from outside Ningbo, accounting for 67.2% of the total.
Source from Ningbo Gov.Website


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