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Hangzhou Bay branch of Geely Corporate University inaugurated
Updated:2017-07-06 17:48:47

On the morning of July 4, the Auto College of Hangzhou Bay Branch of Geely Corporate University was inaugurated.
As is known, the Geely Corporate University, a platform of the Geely Group for talent cultivation, culture spreading and intelligence education, aims to foster the innovative talents with international competitiveness. The Hangzhou Bay Branch of the university is a branch to spread culture locally, cultivate leadership, train new employees, foster general skills, assess and develop talents, building up training resources and carry out other related functions to serve the development of the suppliers.
The branch will integrate the regional resources of the new zone to build a talent-cultivating platform and provide services for all the related agencies of the Geely Group in the new one. So far, the first phase of the training course can take 550 trainees, thus satisfying the talent cultivating planning of the Geely subsidiaries in the Hangzhou Bay New Zone.
Source from Ningbo Gov. Website


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