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Jiangbei District Promotes Green Cyber Culture in Summer Schools
Updated:2017-07-10 17:52:32

In July 8th, Jiangbei District arranged the first class of summer school in green cyberculture in the Baojia Community, Yongjiang street. 11 teachers of the first teacher group of green cyberculture in Jiangbei District and more than 80 children in and outside the district took part in the activity.

It is reported that various cyber culture activities are organized for local primary and secondary school students, as well as children from all around the country who spend the summer vacation in Ningbo to visit the community classes, summer camps.
 During the activity, the teacher of the green cyberculture delivered a lively class, in which all the students present read" Cyber Safety Convention for Youth " and made a vow. In the future, such activities will also find their way into the other communities, promoting after-school classes in Jiangbei.
It is learned that another summer class of cyber safety of Jiangbei District will be given in Bapu Garden of Cicheng in early August. Designed for primary and secondary students from all over the country, the public class is themed with “the combination of cyberculture and traditional culture”.
Source from Ningbo Gov. Weibste


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