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Where to Go Near Ningbo-Huanglong Sports Center
Updated:2016-06-29 18:19:05

For fans of 5-a-side football the pitch in Huanglong Sports Center is a match made in heaven. The sports center is, in fact, home to the first 5-a-side football pitch in Zhejiang. Currently there are eight 5-a-side football pitches (seven of which are for cage-ball and the other for indoor football). At night the floodlit football pitches are open for two periods, the first from 6pm to 8pm and then from 8pm to 10pm. The cost to hire the pitches is 450 RMB and 700 RMB for the indoor pitch.

There are also two 7-a-side football pitches which, instead of artificial turf, are paved with natural grass. The cost is 1000 RMB for two hours.

In addition, there are twelve half-court basketball courts which are open all day as well as one indoor basketball court.

Add: No. 3 Huanglong Road, Xihu District



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