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Where to Go Near Ningbo-Zhejiang Technology University Natatorium
Updated:2016-07-05 17:11:42

Address: No. 16 Chaowang Road

This natatorium is located inside Zhejiang University of Technology in Xiacheng District and is the most advanced and largest of its kind offering teaching, training and competitions. It is equipped with a standard 50 meter swimming pool half of which is dedicated to a deep water area and the other half ranging from 0.9 to 1.16 meters deep provides a venue for kids, entertainment and training. What is also worth mentioning is that the natatorium uses the same brand of water treatment system and heating equipment as the National Aquatics Center – Water Cube, which is the landmark structure of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games which ensures cleanliness, water quality and a comfortable water temperature. Students can enjoy a discount by showing their student ID Cards and swimming training classes are available for different levels of swimmers.


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