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The 7th National Amateur Men’s Volleyball Tournament
Updated:2017-06-13 17:23:35

“Xiaogang Cup”, the 7th National Amateur Men’s Volleyball Tournament was held in Chinese women's volleyball training base from 10th to 11th. 16 amateur men’s volleyball teams participated in this tournament, coming from Beijing, Shanghai, Xiamen, Wuhan Ningbo and so on.
“The level of teams participated in the competition are becoming higher, some teams even have retired professional players.” Said Ma Xing, the leader of Xiamen VFB team. As early as 2002, when he worked in Wuhan, he came to Ningbo for the Intercontinental Cup Volleyball Invitational Tournament with his team. He was deeply impressed by the volleyball atmosphere in Ningbo. “The referees of Ningbo’s competition are organized by the Municipal Volleyball Association. The chief referee must be or higher than the national level referee, which is not popular in other cities.” After working Xiamen in 2009, he organized some volleyball fans in the local area and set up a volleyball team. They take every weekend to play volleyball. “I love volleyball when I was a college student in Tianjin, and I was in second-place at that time. Now, I’m getting older so I choose to be the leader.”, said Ma Xing. Actually, there are two Xiamen teams for this competition, but because of the tight schedule, only one team gained the consent of the organizing committee. “16 participating teams, the registration of the team for this competition far beyond this number.” There is a volleyball team consisting of Zhangzhou Changtai Jingyuan villagers. “They do it completely because of their love for volleyball.” Said Zhang Jianyou, the secretary of Jingyuan village Party branch. Last year, the team took part in the volleyball match in Changsha and won the championship.
After two days’ competition, finally Xiaogang Yurxiang team won the championship, Beijing Zhiai team is the second and Shanghai Zhiai team is the third.
Source from Ningbo Gov. Website


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