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QR code used for customs freight passage at Meishan Port
It is learned from the customs that the Meishan Bonded Port Customs has adopted the QR code for the freight passage of the port. From now on, the enterprises can record their freight inventory to the QR code, which will be scanned and then the trucks can ge...
CPI in November Grows by 2.3% Year on Year
On the afternoon of December 9, Survey Office of the National Bureau of Statistics in Ningbo announced that the November CPI of Ningbo urban residents grew by 2.3% year on year, an increase higher than October by 0.3 per cent. From January to November this ...
Ningbo Sets up HR Services Industry Development Fund
Private capital is encouraged to promote the development of Human Resource Services Industry along with the 30-million-yuan contributed by the government. On December 9 the first government-led and private-capital-included Human Resources Services Industry ...
13th Five-year Plan for finance in Ningbo released
According to the newly released "13th Five-year Plan for finance in Ningbo", by 2020, the capital scale of the financial industry in Ningbo will reach three trillion yuan, and the added value of finance will account for over 9% of the city's total GDP and o...
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