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13th Five-year Plan for finance in Ningbo released
Updated:2016-12-09 18:11:51

According to the newly released "13th Five-year Plan for finance in Ningbo", by 2020, the capital scale of the financial industry in Ningbo will reach three trillion yuan, and the added value of finance will account for over 9% of the city's total GDP and over 18% of that of the tertiary industry. Among others, the added value of the emerging finance will account for 30% of the whole industry.
Reportedly, during the 12th Five-year Plan period, finance has become one of the tertiary industries with most rapid development and largest contribution to the local economy. Statistics show that at the end of 2015, both the balance of deposits and that of loans exceeded 1.5 trillion yuan, up by 65.8% and 67.4% respectively over the same period of 2010.
Source from Ningbo Gov. Website


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