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Robot Expo Project Lauches in Yuyao
Updated:2017-05-17 17:09:02

On the morning of May 15, the building of International Robots Trading Exposition Hall got started in Yuyao. Robot Trading Exposition Market in the Yangtze River Delta region in Zhejiang province, which was the first national comprehensive Robot Trading Exposition Market, went into operation on May 15.
It is reported that Yuncheng Industrial Base Project is the out of the cooperation between municipal council and government and Huasheng Fund, which aims at the integration of production and finance. It is a comprehensive development project on a city level and incorporates integration of resources of industrial guiding and upgrading, development and investment, construction of the cloud infrastructure and city updating, featuring newly-emerging technologies of gathering and development of intelligent productions, big data, Internet+.

Source from Ningbo Gov. Website


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