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Ningbo International Conference of Marine Emerging Industry Was Unveiled
Updated:2017-07-14 17:58:01

To celebrate China National Maritime Day, “Ningbo International Conference of Marine Emerging Industry” was unveiled in Beilun District on July 12th. Present at the conference was Song Yueshun.
In 2016, the gross output value of Ningbo’s marine economy accounted for 16% of its GDP, being a critical engine for the economic growth. At present, there has been significant progress in the development of marine emerging industries, which are represented by the industry of marine biological medicine, comprehensive utilization of sea water, marine equipment manufacturing, new marine materials and so on. These emerging industries have gradually become important sources and supporting points of Ningbo’s economic growth.
During the conference, Qu Tanzhou, the director of Marine Science and Technology Division of State Oceanic Administration, Li Jiabiao, the director of the second Oceanographic Institution of State Oceanic Administration and so on, combing their own researches with domestic and international industrial cooperation experience, delivered speeches respectively. These keynote speeches, including “technological innovation plays the leading role in developing emerging companies”, “scientific and technological innovation of marine delimitation as well as its application in the Belt and Road” and so on provided suggestions for the development of Ningbo’s marine emerging industries.


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