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Where to Go Near Ningbo-Zhou Huang Restaurant
Updated:2016-10-24 17:39:16

Many diners of Zhou Huang Restaurant are attracted by its delicious shrimp dumplings. Zhou Huang Restaurant is one of the earliest Hong Kong tea-restaurants in Hangzhou and its dim sum are rich in variety and authentic to taste. Customers flow in even after the mealtime.

Congee is the signature dish of Zhou Huang Restaurant. Congees are served in bowls and stone pots and are finely cooked until becoming sticky and tasty. The shrimp dumplings are all translucent and wrapped in a big dumpling there are two or three juicy shrimps in each. One will find a fine feast of shrimp dumplings here.

Address: No. 118, Hushu South Road, 3 floor of Wenhui Manson

Opening Hours: 00:00 – 23:55


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