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Ningbo Hot Pot-Sichuan Xiang Tian Xia
Updated:2016-12-21 17:34:24

This restaurant offers the famous Sichuan hot pot. It is highly recommended that you try their two-flavor soup base (Mandarin Duck Pot) which is tasty even without any seasoning. Whilst its name suggests otherwise the Mandarin Duck Pot does not, in fact, contain any duck at all but is called as such as to describe the pot being divided into two parts; usually one part for a spicy soup base and the other part for a non-spicy soup base. The Prime Minister Ball, Crispy Flesh and Duck Intestines are exceptionally tasty.
Angus Beef: The beef here is frozen at -10 degrees Celsius for 10 to 14 days and is processed in a special way so that the protein decomposes and in doing so creates a mouth-watering meat feast.
Duck Intestines: The duck intestines are both fresh and succulent to taste.
Black Tofu: The handmade black tofu is made from a premium black bean. This is a healthy and delicious food that is low in calories but high in protein.




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