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Ningbo Hot Pot-La Fu
Updated:2016-12-21 17:35:11

If you love spicy food then La Fu is for you. There are two La Fu Restaurants in Hangzhou, one is in Queen Park and the other is in Hefang Street. The fresh spicy fish slices, shrimp paste, beef tripe and duck intestines, as well as the intriguing chopsticks, are what makes La Fu special, and whilst the strong aromas and sizzling flavors will have you in tears you will soon be crying to come back for more.
Fresh Spicy Fish Slices: The fresh spicy fish slices are made from sole fish. The slices are preserved in a spicy sauce which is made according to La Fu’s secret recipe.
Beef Tripe: The beef tripe is selected from the black beef tripe of buffaloes and has a very crisp texture.
Goose Intestines: The intestines are imported by air direct from Sichuan.




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