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Where to Go Near Ningbo-Dongjiangzui Fishing Village
Located at the confluence of the Qiantang River, Fuchun River and Puyang River, the crescent-shaped Dongjiangzui Village is endowed with a long stretch of river, delicious fish and rustic charm. According to the residents, the village is shaped like a mouth...
Where to Go Near Ningbo-Shuangling Village
Embraced by green hills on three sides, Shuangling Village is blessed with a picturesque and quiet environment where rolling tea mountains and diaphanous clouds abound. Strolling amongst a blanket of fresh tea leaves, you will come across the black variety ...
Where to Go Near Ningbo-Waitongwu Village
The unsophisticated and idyllic lifestyle in Waitongwu Village has been adhered to since one thousand years. It’s not only a tea village but a habitat of arts. Whilst appreciating the expansive and luxuriant tea plantation, discovering the art studios whic...
Weekend Fun Near Ningbo-Lakeside Park Part 3
Lakeside No.1 Park is very popular, as besides tourists, it is also the place where the elderly and middle-aged citizens show off their talents. You can watch shows including square dance, social dance, Peking Opera, Yueju Opera, Huangmei Opera and all kind...
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