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Top Destination for a Spring Travelling in China-Yangzhou
Updated:2017-03-09 18:06:42

In March, everything wakes from its hibernation, flowers start to bloom and the weather becomes considerably milder. It is also probably one of the best times in which to enjoy a family trip or a spring outing; and home to an abundance of breathtaking scenery - China is the perfect place to kick start this very season.
Yangzhou is a Jiangnan inspired ancient city with a history of over 2,500 years and has, since the olden times, been a favorite gathering place for scholars and poets. Yangzhou in March is a haven for flowers which adds further vibrancy to an already colorful city. In its Shou Xi Hu (Slim West Lake), one can sense the unique beauty of its Jiangnan-style gardens by walking along its zigzagging corridors and passing its weeping willows and colorful flowers of various types.



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