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China’s Top Destinations for a Spring Outing-Fenghuang
Updated:2017-03-10 17:42:54

In March, everything wakes from its hibernation, flowers start to bloom and the weather becomes considerably milder. It is also probably one of the best times in which to enjoy a family trip or a spring outing; and home to an abundance of breathtaking scenery - China is the perfect place to kick start this very season.
Fenghuang Ancient Town, also known as Phoenix Ancient Town, is a national historic and cultural town in China and one of the ten cultural heritages of Hunan Province. It was highly acclaimed by the New Zealand writer, Rewi Alley, as the most beautiful town in China. In March, one can enjoy boating on the Tuojiang River; sitting quietly by the river whilst listening to the moving folk song of the Miao Minority; and stay a night or two in an antique inn to feel the artistic style of a stilted building.



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