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China’s Top Destination for a Spring Outing-Zhangjiajie
Updated:2017-03-10 17:46:22

In March, everything wakes from its hibernation, flowers start to bloom and the weather becomes considerably milder. It is also probably one of the best times in which to enjoy a family trip or a spring outing; and home to an abundance of breathtaking scenery - China is the perfect place to kick start this very season.
Zhangjiajie “The masterpiece of nature”, that is the word people use to describe Zhangjiajie which is a place that has marveled thousands of millions of people since ancient times. March is probably the best time to visit this fairyland like place for one can cross through the fog-shrouded Tianmen Cave, walk carefully against the cliff face along its narrow Guigu Plank path; and see the karst landscape in an underground karst cave.



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