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Where to Go Near Ningbo-Dongjiangzui Fishing Village
Updated:2017-04-20 16:13:32

Located at the confluence of the Qiantang River, Fuchun River and Puyang River, the crescent-shaped Dongjiangzui Village is endowed with a long stretch of river, delicious fish and rustic charm. According to the residents, the village is shaped like a mouth of a giant bird and this is the reason why it is so named Dongjiazui. 
When the sun rises above the village’s ethereal mists, the fishing boats are casting their silver nets in the wide Qiantang River to catch fat shrimps and other fish. Integrating yourself into the simple life of a fisherman, you will not only experience fishing and religious cultures but will also be able to taste the river’s succulent, fresh and tasty fish. A moment to treasure may be simply eating a platter of fish whilst drinking the Kaoliang Wine which is brewed by the local residents with their indigenous methods.




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