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Where to Go Near Ningbo-Shuangling Village
Updated:2017-04-20 16:13:53

Embraced by green hills on three sides, Shuangling Village is blessed with a picturesque and quiet environment where rolling tea mountains and diaphanous clouds abound. Strolling amongst a blanket of fresh tea leaves, you will come across the black variety called “Jiu Qu Hong Mei” which has a distinguished taste, and whilst rambling along the tranquil village alley, you will also be able to appreciate Hangzhou’s remarkable architecture.
Sitting back in the peaceful yard of the wild plantation garden whilst drinking a pot of green tea and admiring the fantastic landscape is simply bliss. You can also sit in the study to roam in the world of books. Furthermore, there are many other enjoyable activities to do in these villages such as climbing the Ruyi Mountain or enjoying the view of Banbi Mountain Reservoir where the reflection of the mountains forms a picture postcard in the pool below.


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