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New Version of Impression West Lake Unveils May 1
Updated:2017-04-28 18:58:42

In the evening gala of the 2016 G20 Summit, at the west side of Hangzhou’s Su Causeway, a most splendid live-action performance dubbed, “the Most Memorable is Hangzhou” dazzled the world. During that autumnal night, people were gathered in front of the TV to enjoy the unparalleled performance, as thrilled as when they first watched Spring Gala, the Chinese equivalent to America’s Super Bowl thirty years ago.The mesmerizing performance will commence on May 1 and there are two shows every day, which may change depending on the total number of spectators. The first performance commences at 7:45 pm and the second at 9:15 pm, and both run for approximately 50 minutes. According to the original practice, the performance will be on view until the end of December and will then return to the West Lake on March 1. Altogether there are 2000 seats and the price varies from 360 RMB to 680 RMB with the VIP seats, which face the center of the stage, being the most expensive.



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