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Camping Spot-Qiandao Lake Recreational Vehicle Camp Site
Updated:2017-06-01 17:11:27

Qiandao Lake Recreational Vehicle Camp Site is located at Jiangjia Town, Qiandao Lake Scenic Area, where green trees under blue skies and an abundance of beautiful scenery dominates. It is isolated from the hustle and bustle of urban life, quietly melting itself into the landscape of the green water and forests. Here, you can appreciate the beautiful scenery with your family, and experience the excitement of RV camping.
Reference Price:
Recreational Vehicle: 450 RMB every night, and each one accommodates 4 to 5 people; Site Cost for Self-provided: 200 RMB per person (both include public toilets.)
Transportation: Hangzhou –Hangzhou-Qiandao Lake Highway (nearly for 1.5 hours) –Qiandao Lake –Chunkai Road (nearly for 1 hour) –Jiangjia Camp Site
Address: Jiangjia Town, Qiandao Lake Scenic Area, Chun’an County, Hangzhou City


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