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Camping Spot Near Ningbo-Kuocang Mountain in Taizhou City
Updated:2017-06-08 17:57:47

Kuocang Mountain is full of steep hills that shine brightly in daylight and glisten with stars at night. The scenery here is changeable not only in a day but also in a year of four seasons. The 28-kilometer winding mountain road is so steep that it can lead you up from a height of 220 meters to a high altitude of 1382 meters. Kuocang Mountain is the best choice for camping, though, at night, it will be nearer ten degrees Celsius lower than at the foot of the mountain so, on that note, you had better pack some warm clothes. Barbecuing with several good friends in the mountain is also another good pastime.
Reference Price: free
Camping Equipment: double tents to rent are 100 RMB at least
Barbecue (for reference): 68 RMB per person for 3 hours which includes all the necessary tools
Address: Kuocang Town, Linhai City, Taizhou City


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