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The 6th Ningbo Photography Festival opens in Aug
Updated:2017-06-21 18:31:56

The 6th Ningbo Photography Festival will be held on August 25 with a theme of “City · Encounter”. 
The last 5 festivals have already attracted over 400,000 audience and this year more activities will be held in addition to the top-class photography exhibitions including works of world famous photographers like Daniel J.Groshong, Lois Greenfield and Abe Moyuko; 2016 Looking China Golden Lenses Awards winners; as well as local photographers like Qi Hao, Shen Yiming, Ye Wei and Li Zhedong.
The sponsor also invites all Ningbo photographers to participate in the solo shows which will be organized by top-class exhibition planners. Citizens interested should feel free to upload their photos to their official website before July 15. For more detailed information, please follow their WeChat official account “Suipai 768” and check their website.
Furthermore, the sponsor has invited top-class photograph editor Ren Yue and Yan You to help photography amateurs make a book of their pictures.
Source from Ningbo Gov. Webiste


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