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Dongqian Lake to be Build as Culture-tourism fashion Town
Updated:2016-12-22 18:12:24

At the Ningbo (Beijing) Investment and Cooperation Fair held in Beijing recently, the Huaxi International Investment Group and the Administration Committee of the Dongqian Lake Holiday Resort signed the agreement to build the culture-tourism fashion town along the lake, with the total investment of 10 billion yuan.
Since the beginning of this year, Dongqian Lake area has set the development trend of "tourism, health and culture" in line with its industrial structure adjustment. With the new topics of attracting business, it has adopted innovative working styles, accelerated the projects, improved the investment environment and completed the assessment system. By using the new models for precise business attraction, it has identified some major breakthrough projects and new projects, and thus opening a new path for the business attraction work.
Source from Ningbo Gov. Website






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