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Ningbo Athletes win 4 gold and 2 silver medals from Chinese men’s weightlifting championships
Updated:2017-03-21 17:01:18

2017 Chinese Men’s Weightlifting Championships was held on March 11 in Haining, Zhejiang. There were 356 athletes from 63 teams. Shu Xiaoyu and Lu Xingyu are from Ningbo Sports School. Shu lifted 150 kg in the snatch category of the 77kg weightlifting competition, winning the second prize; 179kg in the clean and jerk category, the first prize; 329kg in total, the first prize. Lu lifted 152kg in the snatch of the 85kg competition, winning the second prize; 189kg in the clean and jerk, the first prize; 341kg in total, the first prize.
Learning from Li Dongyu, senior coach in Ningbo Sports School, Shu and Lu started the formal training in school in 2009 and they both won the gold medal in
Source from Ningbo Gov Website






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